The History of Asbury Place Maryville: Over Half a Century of Service

Founded by members of the United Methodist Holston Conference as Asbury Acres Home for the Aged in 1956, Asbury Place welcomes people of all backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, and abilities.

Today, Asbury Place is owned by MFA Tennessee Holdings, LLC, a partnership between McFarlin Artisan, LLC, and Asbury Communities, Inc. We continue to honor our spiritual heritage through a spirit of doing all the good we can – a spirit that is evident in the good works done by those who work and live here both on campus and in the greater Maryville community.

Our History

Maryville’s story was built upon staying true to beliefs and tradition – values that are evident in our community today.

Mrs. Mamie Halley became the first resident of Asbury Acres in 1960. Forty-one years later, the community changed its name to Asbury Place. In, 1989 the Kingsport campus was established, followed by Asbury Place Steadman Hill in 1994.

An organization of people with a mindset to help others, we continue to evolve and grow our services to residents and their families.

A Community With Character

Our ongoing commitment is to expand the ways in which residents can celebrate life through engaging, independent retirement living options backed by quality health care services. With cafés, museums, breathtaking scenic drives and more just a short drive away, pursuing your passions has never been easier. At Asbury Place Maryville experience the vibrant life you want in a community with enough character and experience to rival your own. Discover what living in the scenic foothills of Maryville Tennessee can offer.

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